Our made to measure pelmets and lambrequins

Designed to match your curtains and roman blinds our pelmets are constructed to the highest quality using 4mm wood and 12mm padding. You'll see 48 designs of bespoke pelmets and 5 designs of bespoke lambrequins and that's not where it ends, you can design your own if you prefer, just send us as much detail as possible about your ideas and then we'll work with you to create exactly what you're looking for.

Delivered within about 10 to 10 days

Precision cutting machine

Pelmet cutting machine

We only use fire retardant interliner cloth and fire retardant foam which fully conforms to British regulations.

This automatic machine cuts the 4mm wood that creates our pelmet shapes with exact precision, which is why we can be confident of consistent high quality and symmetry.

The majority of pelmets whether bespoke or not are constructed with buckram which means that they buckle and have no substance. Our pelmets are made from 4mm wood with a 12mm padding which creates a solid high quality look, regardless of your desired pelmet length. You can choose from any of our 48 made to measure pelmet designs, 5 lambrequin designs, straight pelmets or even design your own, just send us a sketch or photo.

Our attention to detail and quality means that the back of the pelmet has the same high finish as the face.

All our pelmets are designed to be attached to a tracking board using 3/4 inch hook velcro, our revolutionary backing material gives a stable and secure fixing whilst allowing easy adjustment.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Are your pelmets and lambrequins hand made?
A. Yes they are, after the wood is cut to your desired shape the remainder of the construction process is completed by hand and by very experienced and skilled upholsterers.

Q. Are your pelmets designed for outside or inside recess roman blinds?
A. Definitely outside recess, this gives a beautiful finish to the blinds and is a very common use of a hard board pelmet.

Q. How can I combine my curtains with the bespoke pelmet?
A. You will need to attach a suitable curtain track to the underside of a wooden shelf with sufficient brackets.

Q. How do I get a quote for a curtain pelmet?
A. Let us know which fabric you are interested in, send us the dimensions together with your desired shape number and then we'll promptly get back to you with a price. When sending the dimensions please include any returns to the wall(s) and the height from the very top to the lowest point in your chosen design.

Q. What is the difference between a pelmet and a lambrequin?
A. A lambrequin is a lot more rigid than a pelmet to account for it's length. The top pelmet board is attached to the front and sides to form a sturdy box frame. A truly elegant finish to any window.