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Need help measuring? Check our helpful guide below

Enter width -   cm (Min 30cm)
Enter drop -   cm (Min 50cm)
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What do I need to measure? -

  • Inside recess measurements:

    Measure the width (wall to wall) and drop (ceiling to sill) of the window recess in at least three different places and enter the smallest of those measurements as your required blind width and drop measurements.

    Select the "inside recess" option.

    Please make a deduction to the width so that the blind will raise and lower smoothly without touching the side walls. We receommned either 1cm* or 2cm*

  • Outside recess measurements (exact):

    First you should decide how much you would like the blind to overlap the recess by, we recommend a minimum of 5cm* for each side, top and bottom.

    Enter your required width and drop measurements.

    Select the "outside recess size (exact)" option.

    Please note that with the outside recess option, the headrail may be slightly wider than the finished fabric width.

    *All these allowances are our guide and should be your own personal preference.

    If you are measuring for a bay window then please click here

Click below for printable measuring guides -

roman blinds
Quick Measuring Tips!

Measure in several places to allow for any window irregularities and use the smallest of those measurements

Consider window handles and wall tiles that may obstruct the raising and lowering of the blind.

Always use a metal or wooden tape for better accuracy

Get someone else to help by holding one end of the tape

Always use something safe to stand on rather than stretch

$18.17 (per metre)



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