High quality bespoke hand made fabric sofas at very reasonable prices

With years of experience and our personal service, we are able to guide you through the entire process of purchasing perfect bespoke sofas and chairs. Our quality workmanship and highest quality components allow us to produce perfect made to measure furniture to your precise requirements. When you consider the amount of time you spend sitting in or around your sofa, a bespoke sofa should be precisely what you want and made to the highest possible standard. What does your ideal made to measure sofa need to be? Sleek and stylish, Warm and welcoming, Made to measure, With a bed included, all of these we can do for you, we'll make your sofa exactly the way you want it.

Matching and co-ordinating sofas, curtains, roman blinds and scatter cushions

Many of our designer fabrics are suitable for curtains, blinds and upholstery which means that we can make quality hand made sofas and chairs to match other soft furnishings in your home. Please let us know which fabrics you are interested in, together with your chosen sofa style, we'll then be able to let you know if the fabric is suitable for upholstery and provide you with advice and prices. Alternatively if you are looking for a certain colour scheme or texture then we would be very happy to spend time with you offering expert advice, please

Design your own

When choosing your bespoke sofa or chair, the final decision is nearly always about the finest details. It is all very well having standard dimensions and standard designs but all of us require that little bit extra to make bespoke furniture very special. You can choose from our exquisite designs and then get your sofa made exactly as you want it. If you are taller than average, we can add a little depth to the seat or height to the back. You might prefer your sofa to have a wider arm at a lower position, or maybe a wooden leg instead of metal, we offer all of these options. This is why our service goes well beyond supplying you with a sofa, we will guide you through the whole process to achieve exactly what will work for your dimensions, style and fabrics. Using your ideas, photographs, own sketches or even just a description of what you want, our highly experienced staff can help you with free advice and quotes to design exactly the precise sofa or chair that you are looking for. That is why every aspect of our sofas and chairs, whether it is the design, covering, dimensions, cushion or even the stitching can be created just for you.

Delivered within about 4 weeks

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Burroughs sofa


A design with more than a passing nod to the age of art deco. This includes soft fibre back cushions, plain wooden block feet and rounded wide arms.
Chandler sofa


A well proportioned design with soft fibre back cushions, plain wooden block feet and flat wide arms - essential for all those remote controls!
Conrad sofa


A seriously comfortable sofa with big squashy wrap-around back and seat cushions and low arms. Only available in fabric.
Fitzgerald sofa


Traditional Italian in style with rounded arms and shaped cut-away fibre-filled back cushions finished off with short turned legs and brass casters.
Fleming sofa


A simple design with narrow arms providing maximum seating in any given space.
Golding sofa


A slightly retro design with soft-fibre back cushions and raised angular arms. Please see side view in the 'Gallery' below for profile of the arms.
Huxley sofa


A well proportioned design with steel tubular legs and wide arms - essential for all those remote controls! Scatter cushions not included.
Ludlum sofa


A well proportioned design with soft fibre back cushions, plain wooden block feet and curved wide arms ensuring a very natural and comfortable arm position.
Orwell sofa


A very practical but incredibly squidgy sofa with recessed legs to give a 'floating' appearance. Made using very soft foam this design uses a fixed deep seat and low back so you won't have to tidy it up at all! Should you not need it to be quite so soft we can used a firmer foam as required.
Salinger sofa


A simple design with comfortable curved arms, back cushions and traditional bun feet.
Shelley sofa


Bit of a timeless classic with low arms, turned legs with casters and a fixed sprung back. Sink back into this deep seat after a big Sunday lunch and sleep will follow shortly after!
Steinbeck sofa


A simple contemporary design with low back cushions and wooden block feet.
Thackeray sofa


A very traditional sofa using a fixed back with plenty of scatter cushions. Features flared arms with turned legs with brass casters. Also available with 'pillow' back cushions which is advisable for a leather version. Leather and fabric mixed versions are also available.
Twain sofa


A comfortably stylish sofa with slightly flared arms. Shown here with scatter cushions but also available with a deeper seat and soft fibre-filled 'pillow' back cushions.
Verne sofa


This design is something of an American classic with a traditional skirt and 'squared-off' bolster cushions for a very comfortable arm position
Waugh sofa


A really comfortable classic with flared arms and beautiful curves. Features a fixed sprung back and finished with turned legs with brass casters.
Wharton sofa


A very stylish and compact style including a low back with fixed cushions and turned legs. Please note that this is also available with plain or straight legs.
Zola sofa


A compact but contemporary sofa with a single soft foam cushion and steel legs. Also available on plain wooden legs and multiple seat cushions. 2 scatter cushions (not 4 as pictured) are supplied as standard but additional cushions are available as an optional extra.
Backless double ended chaise longue

Backless double ended chaise longue

Ideal for toga parties! Shown here as a right-handed chaise you can also use the same arm at either end to make a love seat.
Double Ended chaise longue

Double ended chaise longue

Almost Rubenesque it has so many curves! This is a real classic shown here with a buttoned back (optional extra) and cabriole/Queen Anne legs.
Large Sofa chaise longue

Large sofa chaise longue

Designed to complement our range of chaise longues this features extravagant fly-away arms with a fixed upright back and fixed cushion seat. Shown here on turned legs.
Small Sofa chaise longue

Small sofa chaise longue

This sofa has been designed to complement our range of chaise longues. The upright back and fixed seat cushion make it ideal for hallways, landings and bedrooms as they utilise space other sofas simply can't squeeze into! Shown here on turned legs.
Chaise longue large

Chaise longue large

Shown here as a right-handed chaise longue with a plain back with splayed legs.
Chaise longue medium

Chaise longue medium

Shown here as a right-handed chaise longue with a buttoned back (optional extra) and cabriole/Queen Anne legs.
Chaise longue small

Chaise longue small

Shown here as a left-handed chaise longue with a plain back and cabriole/Queen Anne legs.
Walcott chaise longue

Walcott chaise longue

A grandly-proportioned double-ended chaise longue. Shown here as a right-handed chaise with a deep buttoned seat and back on turned legs. Also available with plain seat and/or back.
Barrington chesterfield


A typical square-backed Chesterfield using twisted piping instead of studs and bun feet covered with leather corner blocks.
Bradman chesterfield


Not a Chesterfield in the strictest sense of the word but more of a variation on the theme. This sofa has a very deep seat ( about 71cms) with rolltop arms, short-turned legs and brass casters.
Compton chesterfield


A slightly more refined version of the traditional Chesterfield on raised turned legs with brass casters, also available with plain turned legs.
Cowdrey chesterfield


A large traditional square-backed Chesterfield with extruding facings and polished bun feet. Front border also available with double row of buttons.
Fender chesterfield


A seriously curvaceous Chesterfield with a deep-buttoned seat and turned legs.
Headley chesterfield


A very striking low backed Chesterfield with fly-away arms on turned legs and brass casters. Also available on plain turned legs.
Hutton chesterfield


A rounded-back version of the Cowdrey. The less upright sitting position makes this a less formal Chesterfield than most. Front border also available with a single row of buttons.
Larwood chesterfield


A high-backed Chesterfield with rolltop arms and traditional bun feet.
Walcott chesterfield


A grandly-proportioned double-ended chaise longue. Shown here as a right-handed chaise with a deep buttoned seat and back on turned legs. Also available with plain seat and/or back.
Club chair chesterfield

Club chair

Matching club chairs are available to complement all Chesterfield models.
Huxley Corner

Huxley Corner

A well proportioned design with steel tubular legs and wide arms - essential for all those remote controls! Available in a wide range of standard sizes as well as made to measure, with a fold-away bed, a chaise longue or with a curved corner section.

Please note that corner sofas are also available in all the following sofa designs

  • Chandler
  • Ludlum
  • Burroughs
  • Salinger
  • Golding
  • Twain

Quality components and construction


Frequently asked questions

Q. How can I get a price for made to measure sofas and chairs?
A. Send us as much detail as possible including any photos or sketches of what you have in mind. We'll then work close with you to make sure that you get expert advice and a very competitive quote.

Q. Are you able to make sofas and chairs to match bespoke curtains and roman blinds?
A. Yes, and this what makes our service unique, we'll be able to offer advice on which fabrics are suitable for all soft furnishings including upholstery. We have thousands of designer fabrics which will achieve this unique service for you.

Q. Can I have scatter cushions made in the same fabric as my sofa?
A. We can make scatter cushions in any size, shape or style that you wish.

Q. Can furniture be modified to fit through narrow doorways or awkward stairways?
A. Yes. We can make several adjustments to help do this. Most models have either detachable legs or can include bolted on arms which can be removed before delivery and re-assembled at your home. In extreme cases we can reduce frame dimensions or even supply sofas in modules where necessary. Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that the furniture is able to fit through your home or work entrance and any stairways. If we are not made aware of any access issues when an order is placed we cannot be held responsible for any subsequent difficulties.

Q. How are your sofas and chairs constructed?
A. All furniture is made using solid beech hardwood frames. All joints are glued and doweled and heavily reinforced at major stress points with screws thus ensuring lifetime durability. Seat platforms are steel sprung with serpentine/zigzag springs or webbed with high tension webbing. All foam fillings and composites are of the highest quality and compliant with Furniture & Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations 1988.

Q. Which sofas can be made as a sofabed?
A. Most of our sofas can include a bed action including corner sofas, the only exceptions are the chaise longue models. However, where a sofa has a leg taller than 7.5cms it is necessary to extend the front border to avoid the bed action being visible on the underside.

Q. What type of mattress is included in a sofabed?
A. Most of our sofabeds include a 10cm thick sprung mattress.

Q. What fillings are used in the seat and back cushions?
A. We use either foam or dacron fibre as our standard cushion fillings. Non-standard fillings we can also supply include a foam/fibre wrap or feather. Please ask about these if you require an explanation of the differences for these.

Q. Can Chesterfield furniture be supplied with a deep buttoned seat?
A. Yes. Apart from the Fender, where a buttoned seat is standard, you can have any of them with a deep buttoned seat.